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SINGHA BEER - Production


The finest beer is produced from top quality ingredients. Singha beer is famed for its distinctively rich taste and strong hop character. The hops come from the finest hop-growing regions in the world.

The golden barley is imported from the fields of Germany, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Australia. Each consignment is carefully checked to ensure the highest quality. Only then, they are ready for brewing.

One of the most important elements of brewing is water. Before a brewery is built on a specific location, water sources are thoroughly checked to make certain of its correct composition and meets brewing standards. The clear water used by Boon Rawd Brewery is pumped from wells deep underground. It is activated carbon filtered, sand filtered and treated to meet Singha standards of brewing water.

Boon Rawd Brewery follows the German brewing process to produce the beer. First the water and crushed malt (Barley that has been allowed to germinate) are mixed together in the heated kettle in order to convert malt starches into sugar.

Solid grains (spent grains) are then removed leaving only the liquid, after complete conversion of the starch, which is then boiled. During this stage, hops are added. The finished liquid is a malt sugar solution called "wort". After the protein solids have been removed and the solution has been cooled, yeast is added. It is then transferred to the fermentation tank to begin the fermenting process.

The liquid begins its fermenting process in large stainless steel tanks with special temperature-control. During this stage, the yeast converts sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

The liquid at this stage is called "young beer". To reach its perfection, it is kept to mature in cool pressurized tanks. Once maturity is reached, yeast and the remaining proteins are filtered out through a highly-efficient filtration process to ensure maximum quality. It is now called "bright beer".

The final product is a lager beer that is now ready to be bottled.

Packaging and Distribution:
The beer is bottled, capped and labeled through automatic high-speed bottling machines. Inspectors have been checking the beer throughout the entire process, testing it in the brewery's laboratory.

The bottled beer now passes through the final inspection to ensure they are filled to required level with no impurities. The beer is now ready for distribution.

The beer is taken by the brewery's network of distributors to restaurants, bars and outlets throughout the country to be enjoyed by millions of consumers.

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